Products made of leather

Traditionally made

Cinturones Diaz is one of the manufacturers of belts with more than 50 years in the national and international market, founded by Mr. Alberto Díaz Alcala.

Each belt is designed and manufactured by artisans Cinturones Diaz. Our company is located in the west of the country in Atoyac, Jalisco, México. It is distinguished by having the tradition in the manufacture of Leather Belts.

In Cinturones Diaz continues the ancient tradition of manufacturing process that has been enriched With the latest tecnical advances and together with the skilled hands of artisans are obtained Unmatched quality belts.

The experience of many years and the maintaion the quality of its products has resulted Cinturones Diaz is one of the manufacturers of leather belts greater recognition in México, USA, Europa, Canada, Perú and Lima.